Download the latest stable version or your needed version of Joomla from here.

Download Latest Stable Version

Unzip downloaded Joomla in xampp/htdocs/ and rename the folder name. Here I give folder name as “demojoomla”.

Now we need to create Database in phpMyAdmin for install Joomla.

Here I give database name as “demojoomla” for easy understanding. You can give any name of database. No need to create any tables in database.

Note: Make Sure First you need to run xampp server before create database.

Great… We completed all the pre-installation tasks.

Now we start Install joomla on xampp server.

Open your favorite browser and type localhost/demojoomla/ and press Enter.

Note: Here “demojoomla” is your folder name which you were renamed.

You will get following page.

Select your Language and Click on Next.

In this Page You can see Joomla Display all the Pre-Installation Settings.

If any of items is not supported (Marked as NO) in Pre-Installation check then please take actions to correct them. Failure to do could lead to your Joomla! Installation not functioning correctly. Don’t worry about Recommended Setting.

If all the Items are supported (Marked as Yes) then click next for next step of installation.

In this Page you will get all the License Agreement from Joomla. No need to do anything in this Page. Just Click for next Page.

This is Very Important Page for Install or we can say configure Joomla on XAMPP server.

Now, we understand everything one by one.

1. Database Type: There are two types available here. One is Mysqli and Mysql.

You might be having question about what is the difference between Mysql and Mysqli?

Ans: Both are interfaces for PHP to access a MySql database. MySqli is Faster and potentially more secure. You should use it when available.

2. Host Name: We install Joomla in our local server that’s why in this field we have to write localhost.

3. Username: XAMPP default username is root. But if you changed username then write your new username.

4. Password: There is no default password in XAMPP server. So, leave it blank.

5. Database Name: Write database name which we created before install joomla.

6. Table Prefix: If you need to give table prefix then you can change here. Otherwise by default it generated automatically.

Now we filled all the required fields. Click next step of installation. Read the rest of this entry »


Hello Friends, Here i explain you that how to use jquery Date-picker

Step 1 : Include Following CSS library inside your page <head> tag.

Download : For Download the above css Click Here

Step 2 : Include Following JS library inside your page <head> tag.

Download : For Download the above JS library Click Here

Step 3 : write the following code between <script></script> inside <head> tag.

Step 4 : Now write the following tag inside <body> tag.

After write the all the above code. your code look like this…

That’s It…….Enjoy……..

You Can Download the source code from here


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